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Department of Fine Organic Synthesis

Headed by: Dr. Vadim A. Yakovlev

Phone: +7 383 326 96 50; +7 383 330 62 54


One of the main activities of the department is the development of catalysts for organic synthesis processes. In particular, approaches to synthesize metal complex catalysts, catalytic systems based on ionic liquids, heteropoly acids, nanoporous metal silicates are being developed. At the same time, the development of catalysts is inseparably linked with research aimed at the development of the chemical and technological bases of fine organic synthesis and the identification of reaction mechanisms, the establishment of production technologies for scarce and import-substituting organic products of low-tonnage chemistry.

On the other hand, the scientific activity of the department is focused on the processes associated with the use of renewable raw materials. These include the development of catalysts for natural oxygenates hydrotreatment in order to obtain components of biofuels and chemical products, as well as the development of approaches to obtain carbon-mineral composites from high-ash biomass. In addition, the department continuously works on the development of technologies for processing substandard fuels and wastes and studying the processes in a fluidized bed of catalyst.

Other research areas are focused on studying oxidation processes, including the development of heterogeneous catalysts for selective liquid-phase oxidation for environmentally friendly processes of organic synthesis. This area also includes the development of oxide and composite catalytic systems using various approaches, the purification of gases and wastewater from sulfur compounds.

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