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Departament of Heterogeneous Catalysis

Headed by: Director of the Institute, Academician Valerii I. Bukhtiyarov

Phone: +7 383 330 67 71; +7 383 326 97 87


Main directions of research:

  • Studies of the mechanism of model and practically important heterogeneous catalytic reactions at the atomic-molecular level with the use of the unique complex of physicochemical and kinetic methods; development of the fundamental basics of heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Studies and development of the nanocomposite structured oxide and metal-oxide catalysts and other functional materials for energetics of the future, including hydrogen energetics.
  • Studies and development of the physicochemical basics for preparing the adsorbents and catalysts for improving the known processes and creating the new ones in the field of petrochemistry, oil processing, selective and complete oxidation of hydrocarbons.
  • Studies and development of the physicochemical basics of heterogeneous catalytic processes of conversion of light hydrocarbons and oxygen-containing compounds of C1-chemistry into the valuable products.
  • Analysis of the modern tendencies in education, research and technologies for the sustainable development of fundamental and applied science of heterogeneous catalysis.

List of laboratories:

  • Laboratory of preparation of catalysts, headed by Dr. Anatoliy Romanenko
  • Laboratory of surface study, headed by Academician Valerii Bukhtiyarov
  • Laboratory of catalytic processes in fuel elements, headed by Dr. Prof. Vladimir Sobyanin
  • Laboratory of heterogeneous selective oxidation, headed by Dr. Vladimir Sobolev
  • Laboratory of oxidative catalysis on zeolites, headed by Dr. Aleksandr Kharitonov
  • Laboratory of catalysts of deep oxidation, headed by Dr. Prof. Vladislav Sadykov
  • Laboratory of ecological catalysis, headed by Dr. Sergei Khairulin
  • Group of studying the supported metal-oxide catalysts, headed by Dr. Prof. Andrey Boronin
  • Group of catalytic conversions of carbon oxides, headed by Dr. Tatiana Minyukova

The Department lists the total of 135 employees.

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