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Department of Materials Science and Functional Materials

Headed by: Dr. Prof. Alexey Vedyagin

Тел: +7 383 326 96 60


Functional materials swiftly gain importance in today’s world. Scientific and technological progress is quite inconceivable without engaging the new materials and technologies based on them. For successful introduction of the innovative materials into practice it is necessary to conduct the comprehensive fundamental research in the field of materials science.

The studies conducted in the Department concern the crucial technology of obtaining and processing the functional nanomaterials and therefore are supported by the Russian government and Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main directions of the research performed in the Department include:

  • development of the synthesis methods and search for application of the nanostructured forms of carbon (nanotubes, nanofibers, carbon-carbon and carbon-mineral composites);
  • synthesis of the nanostructured oxide systems to be used in catalysis and adsorption as well as the development of the methods of increasing their thermal stability;
  • development of the new generation of catalysts including those based on glass-fiber materials;
  • development of the adsorption systems for storage and recovery of heat.

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