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CDM series microspherical catalysts for fluidized bed dehydrogenation of paraffins


The microspherical aluminochromium catalysts are prepared using nanostructured products of the centrifugal thermal activation (CTA) of gibbsite. The technology allows the porous structure of the support, dispersion of the active component (<3 nm) and fraction composition of the catalysts to be controlled in order to provide their improved activity, selectivity and mechanical strength during operation.

Catalyst specifications
Particle size, mm 50-150
Bulk density, g/cm3 1.2–1.4
Attrition strength, % 94–96
In the production of isobutylene CDM series catalysts provide*
An increase in the isobutylene yield by 2–4 wt %
A decrease in the feedstock unit consumption by 4 wt %
Reduction of the process temperature by 20 °С
* Against the IM-2201 catalyst (used at Russian enterprises)
The CDM catalyst is commercially used in a number of industrial reactors for isobutane dehydrogenation in Russia

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