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5 Lavrentiev Ave., 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia

Principal R&D activity areas

Fundamental catalysis:

  • Physics and chemistry of catalysis.
  • Molecular design of nanosized and nanostructured catalysts and sorbents.
  • Theoretical basis of catalytic processes.
  • Theoretical basis of controlling the rate and selectivity of catalytic processes.

Applied catalysis:

Development of new generation catalysts, composites and catalytic technologies for:

  • Production of key chemicals.
  • Processing of oil, natural gas and gas condensate into valuable chemicals.
  • Synthesis of polymers, complex chemicals with controlled properties.
  • Neutralization of technogenic toxic wastes .
  • Autonomous thermal power generation.
  • Processing of natural and plant raw materials.
  • Synthesis of medical products and vitamins.
  • New and non-traditional applications including hydrogen energetics.

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