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Estimation of Molecular Composition

Gas Chromatography


Capillary and Multicapillary Chromatography


For chromatographic separation of complex organic mixtures the efficiency of capillary columns is considerably higher than that of the packed ones. Retaining all the advantages of the capillary chromatography the multicapillary chromatography has considerably higher productivity and it is very useful for combinatorial chemistry, kinetics study and industrial chromatography.

Instrument facilities

Novel type of multicapillary chromatographic columns (MCC) developed at the Institute represents a package of a large quantity of capillaries with a small diameter. It allows to accelerate the substance separation by tens and hundreds times. Complex organic mixtures are analyzed for 10–60 s and it takes some seconds only for light hydrocarbons C1–C5 separation. On the basis of MCC the high performance express Echo devices for separation of organic compounds mixtures have been already developed and successfully operate.

multicappilary column at section

Additional possibilities

BIC has considerable opportunity to prepare for a specific task and install at Customer’s chromatograph:

  • Glass capillary columns.
  • Glass multicapillary columns.
  • Thermal desorbents with cryo-focusing for concentration of admixtures from gas phase.

Leading scientists and their research interests

Prof. V.N. Sidelnikov. Capillary chromatography at the columns with thermostable liquid phases, multicapillary chromatography.



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